#MaphieTravels TOKYO 2016 VLOG [Part I]


Finally my first VLOG! I know I said that I’ll be doing an Q&A  (you can still send in your questions!) for my first episode, but I got too excited after finally getting a new computer allowing me to create videos easily and much faster (I’ve been living off an 11″ for 4+ years and it takes forever to load things especially videos). Don’t worry though, I’ll still be doing the Q&A and you could definitely expect more videos on my youtube channel.


Think Pink

Pink is a color that is immediately associated with anything girly, sweet, and cute. It's a color that simply expresses femininity. Growing up, I used to love and wear anything pink, ...

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TOKYO March 2016 Day 3 Part II: Imperial Palace, Chidorigafuchi, Atago Shrine, Tokyo Tower, Monja Street, Ginza

Seriously don't know how we were able to visit all these places on our 3rd day in Tokyo! Read on to see the rest of the sights we visited (Day ...

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TOKYO March 2016 Day 3 Part I: Meguro, Tsukiji Market, Tokyo Station, Imperial East Gardens

Finally got to sort, choose, and edit about 100++ photos from our third day in Tokyo! Japan is so beautiful, it's so hard to not want to capture everything! We had a ...

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The Man Behind the Lens

"Work hard in silence, let success be your noise" is one of my favorite quotes I always keep in mind. It's also a quote best lived out by my boyfriend, Martin.  View post

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YOSI SAMRA 2.0 Launch: Comfiest Flats Ever!

I've always been the type of girl who would prefer flats over heels. I only wear heels when I have to aka to events or special occasions. My shoe closet is in ...

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One Day is Today

There are many moments where I feel like I just need to stop, write, and release my thoughts. I usually don't post much about my personal life here on my blog but ...

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