2014 Resolutions


Before I blog about my outfit posts, I’d like to share my 2014 New Year’s Resolutions. There’s something about writing down and making lists that makes it work and more concrete (for me, at least). So instead of making a mental note of my list, I’m going to share it here on my blog! I summed it up to 4 points that I think are practical and I think I can really do and hopefully, stick to. 

1) Be thrifty & Spend wisely

Since I’ve started college, I’ve gotten a taste of the independent life by handling my own money and budgeting my own allowance for food, school, etc. It’s really different when you start paying from your own pocket. It’s like a part of you (and your wallet) silently crieeees, especially when you pay for overly priced food that isn’t worth your money at all. Do you get that feeling too? It was actually only at the latter part of this year I saw the value of saving when I started saving up for Christmas gifts. So this year, I’m going to stop being an impulsive buyer and instead a wise shopping spender! Wish me luck on this! Haha!

2) Healthy living
I’ve never been an active/sporty gal and I pretty much hate all sports that require a lot of movements. But at the latter part of last year, I was so happy to have finally found the perfect workout that fits me and my lanky self! I’ve been trying out bikram yoga and had about 10 classes or so, and it’s really great form of exercise especially for those who just want to relax and who just want to stay in one place (no running, etc). It’s also quite addicting once you start! And also motivating since you could see improvements really fast, so I hope to improve more this year on some poses and get fit! 🙂 
3) Prioritize Blog
I only started prioritizing my blog on the latter part of last year as well, and I’m hoping to continue it this new year! Also, I just realized how therapeutic writing can be, so I’m also going to try to write and express myself more and maybe include some personal snippets too? Let me know if you have any suggestions on topics I can write about! I want to have better quality posts this year! Also, thinking of revamping my blog layout again! If you are or you know of a web designer, email me at sophiemos@yahoo.com 🙂
4) Be ready for change & Take on challenges  
As cliché as this sounds, I’m going to do it. I even started this by finally dyeing my virgin hair, brown! I’ve been wanting to this ever since I turned 18, but never really had the guts & time to do it, so I finally did it over the Christmas break. Do you see the difference on the photo I’ve used above?  More photos to follow! 🙂

So those are my NY’s resolutions! What are yours? Do we have the same ones? Hope you can share yours below! 🙂 Will try to blog again soon since my classes begin again on Monday huhu. Stay tuned!

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