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  • TRAVEL VLOG: Surfing at Baler, Aurora

    The Philippine beaches are really unlike any other. Over the years more and more have been discovered and have become new tourist destinations. One of my new favorite beaches is Baler at Aurora. It’s around

  • TRAVEL VLOG: Revisiting Tokyo, Japan

    Back in Tokyo after a year! I honestly didn’t think I would back so soon and even more visit during the peak of cherry blossom season! This time I was with my family and we

  • #MaphieTravels TOKYO 2016 VLOG [Part II]

    After xxx attempts to upload this (thanks to my crappy internet/cries), finally it’s up! This second part includes snippets of our itinerary for our days 4-7 in Tokyo! I have yet to blog our full

  • #MaphieTravels TOKYO 2016 VLOG [Part I]

    Finally my first VLOG! I know I said that I’ll be doing an Q&A  (you can still send in your questions!) for my first episode, but I got too excited after finally getting a new computer

  • #MaphieTravels Korea: Day Two

    Finally continuing this travel set after months! I got inspired lately to blog about this since I’ll be travelling again soon — GOAL: to finish this before my next trip!