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After almost 4 years on Tumblr, struggling to make my visions come to life and dealing with a platform that has been become increasingly difficult over the years with its complicated and limited functions (which also was a factor that discouraged me from blogging, actually), I finally made the move. I’ve always hesitated on shifting because one, I’ve already invested so much and two, I thought it would be much more difficult, than just sticking and trying to make do with my current platform. But on one day in between my finals month, I had the sudden urge to just let go, see everything as a sunk cost and decide to move my blog to a new home. Drama, noh? Lol. It really was quite sentimental for me.



I’d like to give big props first to my web designer, Franz Espinoza for helping me in this move especially since I pretty much have zero knowledge on this platform, and being so patient with me (and my OC-ness) throughout the process. I love supporting students like myself who have such great talent and I know have very bright futures! So if you’re thinking of starting a blog or revamping as well, I highly recommend for you to hit up Franz for your own dream layout! Oh, and she manages an online business as well, WastelandMNL worth checking out too! (see, so talented right?)



One of my concerns in moving to a new platform was what would happen to my old content, which is worth over 400+ posts. Also moving to WordPress required hosting services (had no idea), which I didn’t need back in Tumblr. IΒ may seem like such a noob thing for not knowing all these, but thank god for Webspace.PH who helped me BIG TIME with everything. I love working with efficient people and I have to say to that this company has top-notch service; they were so accommodating, helpful and absolutely quick. I didn’t have to worry about anything and understanding all the complicated web codes and terms. All I knew was my username and password and I was good to go, LOL. So if you are making a switch too, this something you have to consider and I highly suggest you get their services to make everything easy breezy and for very affordable web packages too.Β Not to mention, they are based in the Philippines and a home-grown company! #SupportLocal



Lastly, one of the main reasons I made this move was because I wanted to give my you, my readers, the best, easy, and effortless reading experience. So I truly hope this move made it a lot better for you all and I would LOVE to hear what you guys think! Please do let me know your thoughts or leave me a note in the comment box below! <3

Much Love,

Tim and Franc RomperΒ 

Photographer: Gillian Figueroa

MUA: Jyka Espinoza

Author: sophiemos

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