Against the Light

So today I had a shoot with a talented photographer, Heidi, who is actually my batchmate! 

Here is the 1st layout we did.

Glint of Glam Red Polkadot Dress | White Detachable Collar from Bloggers United I | Forever 21 Ribbon Headband

Soleil Flats

I then changed to new flats I recently received! I absolutely love the color! Super versatile! 

Nikita Ribbon Bracelet

Finally got to wear this super cute bracelet that Nike of Nikita accessories sent me! If you have been following my blog, you would know that I’m such a sucker for ribbons and knit. So this is officially my favorite bracelet ever! Haha!

Photos by Heidi. Post-processing by me. 

Hope you liked my outfit! Hype my look here.

Don’t you just love the photos? Click read more to know more about the amazing photographer behind the photos. 🙂

Here’s my mini-interview of Heidi!

Why did you decide to start your own blog? What can we find in your blog? 

I wanted to do something else other than uploading my photos on flickr, it got old and I realized I had more to say about my work. You’ll be able to find a more updated as well as in depth look on my photoshoots because I’ve met so many amazing people who’ve helped me grow into the photographer I am today.

How did you start as a photographer?

I started taking pictures roughly October of 2008. It was weird starting out with nothing – then I realized I could use my friends as models and things took off there!

What is your particular style as a photographer? What makes you different from other photographers?

My “style” is something I’m still trying to figure out, though I do work best with an outdoor setting. What makes me different is that I’ve never had any formal lessons nor do I desire the need to take them. Everything I’ve learned up until this point has purely been because I’ve tried and failed.

What do you wish to achieve in the future as a photographer and blogger?

I hope to achieve good feedback and sponsorships because of the work that I post on my blog. I want people to see how you don’t need formal training or a studio to come up with great photos. I hope to shoot for major labels and magazines in the near future seeing as how anything can happen!

Check out Heidi’s blog here to see how talented she is! You can hire her too for your own pretty pictures! 😉

Heidi interviewed me too! Read mine here! 🙂

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