Woot! 3 posts in a row today! I’m on a roll, lol. Making this “rest day” a productive one! 🙂 This is another backlog outfit post shot at Maryland.


From Maryland we drove to Annapolis, a pretty place with vintage shops and a pier. I was supposed to take my photos there but it was crazy cold and the wind was wild, so I had to settle with these photos I took before we left. So please bear with these few photos (*Sigh* Oh well.)


Burgundy has always been one of the colors I’ve been forever in love with (as you can see from my new blog layout colors). It’s a bold color that’s easily chic and classy. Instead of pairing these leggings with neutrals, I paired it with bright yellow sandals. Contrasting, but I think it worked! 


Love the unique style and flow of this top! Not to mention, its fabric is silky smoooooth.


Hype my look here.


What do you think of my look? Comments are loved! 🙂 


Last photo at my uncle’s porch! I’ve always wanted a porch in my dream house! Haha #random #oneday

White Top: Chic Anthem

Necklace: Things that Matter

Sandals: Tutum Shop

Photo Layout by Lai Reyes

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