I had dinner last Friday at Balducci at Serendra, Fort. It was a BIG mistake. Read on to find out why.

Ordered Pesto Pasta because I was craving and it was a Friday (lent). It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t great either.

Ravioli. The serving size and presentation was SO disappointing considering it was so expensive. 

Dad’s salad. He said the tomatoes were good, lol.

Burger… with no bun. 😐 My dad had to order plain pasta to eat with that big chunk of meat. The pasta came like 15 minutes after.. and they charged it for like P300+! Insane!

The service was so slow. We were in the 2nd floor and had to go down just to call the waiter. -__- Everything was SO overpriced, it was ridiculous. I think we were just paying for the ambiance and the place. 

Never again, Balducci. Never again. Sorry.

Please suggest me good restaurants! 🙂 

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Will email you! 🙂

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