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Yay for more beauty posts! I’m no expert in this department but I’m enjoying learning and experimenting with new brands and products! Today, I’ll be featuring another first-timer brand of mine — Banila Co., the #1 Korean brand for base makeup. I’ve heard a lot of positive feedback about this brand and being a korean makeup lover, I was pretty excited to have the chance to collaborate with them! I’ll be featuring and reviewing their best-seller Prime Primer line and sharing a recent beauty hack I discovered using it!


Super cute packaging!

To be honest (hope I am not violating any make up commandments), I don’t use a primer. Again being the makeup noob that I am, I don’t use a primer because 1) I think my cream/foundation is enough, 2) I am not convinced of its intended purpose and 3) I’m too lazy to put another product on my face (the real answer, lol). For those who are unsure, a Primer is the first thing you apply before you put your make up. It helps smoothen your skin out, minimize pores and allows your make up to set evenly, without caking and retouching.


 Banila Co.’s Primer Line caters to all sorts of skin types from dry, oily, sensitive to combination of all. I’m not entirely sure of mine but I went with the “Classic” or the basic one. Upon trying it, I am now convinced to make it part of my make up routine. Why? Three reasons: 1) It’s not heavy – feels like I didn’t put any product at all! 2) My make up sets faster and stays longer 3) I feel like my skin has another layer of “protection” from make up (if that makes sense, haha!)


Aside from the uses previously mentioned above, the primer can also double as an eye primer (and might even be effective than your current one!). Find out how by doing this beauty hack!


First, prepare any eyeshadow (preferably dark tones), eyeshadow brush, and your Banila Co. Primer. Second, pump a small amount of product on your hand.


After you can either apply the primer onto your eyelid or leave it on your hand first. The effect is more evident on the latter. Next, take your brush then dab some eyeshadow from your palette then just spread the powder on top the primer and just do your usual eyeshadow routine. The second option is to mix the powder with the primer using your brush to create a creamy and thicker texture on your hand, then apply it on your eyelid after. I suggest you use broken eyeshadow for this but if you don’t have any, the effect is still the same!



As you can see there is really big difference between the eyeshadow without (top) and with (bottom) primer. The primer-eyeshadow mixture leaves a more pigmented (you can use less/save on eyeshadow!) and long-lasting effect. At the same time, as a base, it covers creases/veins and allows smooth powder application. I personally only have a handful of make up products I use on a regular basis, so the best thing about this beauty hack is that it makes this primer just one added product with several benefits. Ultimately, it saves you time, money and make up kit space!


Do let me know if you tried out this hack! Don’t forget to share me with me the outcome. <3

Follow Banila Co. on Facebook and Instagram for more information. Visit their branches at Glorietta 4, Landmark and Trinoma. 

P.S. Any beauty topic requests? 🙂

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