Beauty Up: Paint My Nails

One of the few small ways for me to destress is through a monthly visit to a nail salon. At least once I month, I try to get my much-needed me time and mani-pedi. But this sem was all too busy and hectic, that I didn’t have the chance to visit one in months, so when the girls behind 

Paint My Nails 

invited me to visit their salon, I really took the time out and included it in my schedule. 



Paint My Nails is tucked in the heart of Marikina City. The moment I stepped in, I immediately fell in love with its purple-pink interiors. Love the cherry blossom stick-ons on their walls (need this in my room!). 


I actually went straight after school with Martin, so it was such a perfect time for some R&R.  We first tried their hand and foot spa. 



We first had to choose from their yummy smelling scrub mixes! 


I choose Raspberry scrub, while Martin got the Peppermint mask. They both smelled delicious! 


I also tried out their Gel nails service. It was actually my first time and decided to try it because I always get frustrated that my polish usually only lasts for just a week. It takes longer than usual to apply but it’s because it lasts longer too! Goodbye easily chipped nails!


IMG_1914They had so many choices, I took soo long just choosing, lol. Indecisive me. 


Settled with this pretty pastel lavender color <3


 Thank you to the lovely sisters of Paint My Nails for being so welcoming and accommodating! Definitely had a fun and relaxing time!

Visit Paint My Nails at 116 Lilac street, Marikina City. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram

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