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Starting out a new section on the blog Beauty Up, where I will be featuring more service-oriented shops such as salons and spas, make-up essentials and products, and everything beauty-related! 


Last Thursday, I took advantage of the holiday (although probably not the best idea cause of the insane, insane blocked-EDSA traffic), to finally visit Wink Laser Studio Fort Branch after putting it off for months due to my hectic school schedule. 


First thing that caught my attention was the exteriors of the place. Happy color hues, chic decors, and *s at every corner. Plus, was greeted with big smiles by their accommodating and extra friendly staff! Definitely not your ordinary salon! 🙂


I availed of their Revlite Spot Treatment for Underarm (P2,500/session) and Upper Lip (P1,500/session). Before beginning the session proper, I was informed about the Do’s and Don’ts and just about everything I need to know about the procedure, with a very engaging and friendly infographic on this iPad (can I just say, I love how techy they are! probably the only salon I know that does this!). Oh, and the whole session was conducted by a certified nurse. Yes, I was pleasantly surprised too! Definitely more reason to feel assured that you’re in good hands and can trust the execution of this delicate procedure. In any case you’re planning to book, my nurse was Ate Tel, who was so friendly and gentle throughout the whole process. Ask for her! 🙂


The machine and technology they used is called Diode Laser, which ensures a safe and pain-free experience (if you want to know how it differs from IPL laser, click this). And true to what it claims, the whole experience was pain-free and easy and lasted about 20 minutes each only. They just do some cleaning, place cold cream on the specific body area, then massage (pain-free!) this part with the machine for a specific amount of time, clean out the cream, place a special after-treatment cream and walla it’s done! Nothing scary or fussy about it!


Results: Although I’ve had several but inconsistent IPL treatments in the past, I can already see the results! I was recommended to go back after 4 weeks for my next facial hair removal and 6 weeks for body hair removal sessions to complete the treatment. The number of sessions required per person differs on a lot of factors


Can’t wait for my next session! Book now and be hair-free just in time for summer! 😉 

Visit them any of their 3 branches at Bonifacio High Street, Alabang Town Center and Trinoma. For more information, visit their website

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PS. Do let me know if you have any beauty topic requests! 🙂 

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  • Hi! Is shaving required on Diode laser treatment? Wondering how will it grow back, I am also planning to have ny upperlip done on Wink but having second thoughts(because of the “shaving” part )

    • Hi Eunice! Yes, shaving is required to make sure the area is clean and can easily be targeted by the machine 🙂 It’s not supposed to grow back– but will fall off eventually! 🙂