And today marks the day I finally leave my teen years! (seriously still feel 18 forever thou, haha.) As I got older I realized that birthdays aren’t all about receiving gifts, surprises, greetings and what not. Rather, it is something that is meant to be shared. And these people whom you share it with, are what birthdays are all about. It is remembering and thanking these people who got you through another year of highs and lows. It is sharing the blessings you received for the past year and never forgetting to be grateful. It is realizing how much you’ve grown and the people who helped you along the way to become who you are today. And it is welcoming another year full of challenges, opportunities and changes. So as a way of sharing my birthday to all of you and thanking my readers, especially those who stuck by me from the very start, my new followers, and generous sponsors, who all helped me grow as a blogger and kept this blog alive, I’m hosting my BIGGEST Blog Giveaway yet! This is the 3rd time I’m hosting a BBB and I’ve been constantly working hard to make it bigger and better for my readers! I hope you all join because this time will be a bit different and more exciting! I’ll be giving away something new, everyday, each day for the whole month of October! Better stay tuned and make sure to check out my blog daily for exciting and amazing prizes to be given away! Are you ready for 20 days of #sophiemosgiveaways? Hope you’re all as excited as I am! BOOKmark it! <3 

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