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My mind has literally been a blank space for the past couple of days. Although I’ve been having busy and fully packed days, I always end up getting drained and exhausted so easily, which probably explains my lack of inspiration and motivation (and posts). So I decided to take a break the other day and soak up some sun and hopefully some inspiration too. And I guess it worked since this post is up! Lol. 



Been wanting a white bikini for quite some time already and immediately fell in love with this one! Just something simple, clean and classy – definitely my new favorite!



Having a rough or unproductive week too? Treat yourself to a much-needed RnR! AND don’t be guilty for it! 🙂 

BoraBound bikini, Airlea Kimono, Sun Side PH sunnies

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  • hi sophie,

    i envy that you could wear a white bikini because i can’t and i don’t have the confidence. i am the typical hairy girl for most of my body parts and i am very ashamed by it.