Bloggers United 2

Because of the success of the first Bloggers United last May, the awesome team behind the first Bloggers United organized another one! It was held at Treston College at the Fort. I didn’t really get a chance to take pictures of the event because it was PACKED. I also wasn’t really able to shop for much because I came a bit late, so all the nice stuff were already bought. 🙁 Nonetheless, it was fun meeting my favorite bloggers again! 🙂

Me, my sister and my cousin were all matching coincidentally. Our theme: Black & White! 

What I wore:


Seventh Heaven Black Suede Wedges | Melty Kiss Sheer Black Midi Skirt | Banana Republic Top


I’ve been addicted to sheer skirts lately. I love how it’s chic and comfortable. I want more in other colors!! 🙁


A closer look on my top. I love the flower details! This is actually my mom’s and she passed it on to me. I love vintage!




Drama lang. (Please don’t laugh at me.)

This is my pretty cousin/best friend/twin, Kamia! Don’t we just match?


Taray! Love her top so much!


She’s a natural.


Candid laugh daw. Haha!

Hope you liked my outfit! And congrats to the Bloggers United team once again! 🙂

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