Cafe Med

So I was supposed to post an outfit post today but my card reader got busted today so I had no choice but to blog photos I saved on my laptop. Sorry! 🙁

Last week, I had dinner with my family at Cafe Med, as requested by my sister, Steffi (one of her favorite restaurants). 

I forgot the name of this and I can’t find the name of it on their online menu but this is what I ordered. It’s something along the lines of.. Grilled Portobello on Puff Pastry (???). 

Anyways, I liked the grilled portobellos, I just wished it was hot. I also liked the feta cheese on top (you know me and cheese, lol). The portobellos were marinated in this sweet and salty sauce. I don’t know if its the effect of the sauce but the puff pastry, which is supposed to be flaky and crispy became quite soggy, so it was hard to slice. The veggies on the side were good. It had a slightly salty but fresh dressing. Overall, it was a refreshing meal. 🙂

Mom’s Grilled Lamb Gyro

Greek Salad

Steffi’s favorite!

Hummus w/ Pita Bread

Sam devoured this.

Grilled Kofta Kebabs

What Steffi always orders. 

Oh, how I loove Greek food! But for me when it comes to Greek, Cyma is still the best. <3

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