Call Me, Maybe?

I’ve been listening to this song, “Call Me Maybe” for weeks now and I’m still not sick of it! Haha! If you haven’t listened to it, you’ve got to! Haha! 

Anyways, this is what I wore to the 2nd day of the SuperSale Bazaar!

Day look: School Girl

Because, I knew I would be moving a lot and the World Trade Center is quite cold, I decided to wear this magenta blazer because it’s super comfy! It’s not the usual blazers that are pretty stiff and hard to move in.

Forever 21 Magenta Blazer

Wore a floral dress I haven’t worn in ages! If you look closely the colors of my floral dress matches my blazer. 

Sugar Coated Ribbon 

I think this ribbon completes the whole look and makes me look like a school girl! Haha! I’m giving away ribbons like this here!

Since I would be doing a lot of walking and manning our booth, I wore my comfy flats from SO! Fab

Night Look:

This was what I was supposed to wear ideally during the day but it was difficult since I manned our booth (read: a lot of reaching for cupcakes, mochi, cookies, ducking, etc). I would die if I wore these shoes! Haha! 

Five by Five Black Wedges

I’ve been looking for these shoes for soooo long! So glad I found them at the Luxe Bazaar, before I was so decided on ordering them online. It’s actually really comfy! 

Mia Casa Peter Pan Collared Necklace | Bubbles Tassel Necklace 

Matched the gold buttons on my blazer with my new necklace. I swear, I have been wanting to have this necklace ever since saw it on other blogs, but I didn’t know where to get one, so when I saw this at Mia Casa’s booth, I bought it immediately! It’s peter pan collared too (I’m a sucker for peter pan collars)!

What do you prefer, my day or night look? Let me know, leave me a comment! 😉 

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