Cibo + White Hat

Last friday, me and my friend, Abby, decided to have a late lunch at Cibo after being stuck in traffic for so long. I’ve been eating at Cibo ever since I was a child and until this day! It’s one of our family’s favorite restaurants that sometimes we feel sick thinking of eating there again because we’ve eaten there countless times.

Instead of ordering our usual orders, we wanted to try something new but we had to keep in mind not to order something with meat (Lent).  

We both took so long ordering! So I decided to go with their bestseller, Penne al Telefono! I’m so happy I got this even though it was quite expensive (P300+). This is now one of my favorite pastas! The sauce was a mix of tomatoes and cheese (I looooooove cheese, I can marry it. Lol.) It was so good! The sauce was light and wasn’t too much. So no umay effect. Will definitely order this again next time! 

Abby ordered Spaghettini Alla Margherita. She said it was good too! 

Me and Abby we’re craving for White Hat so we went to Fort together with my family to chill and satisfy our cravings! I know, I know, White Hat again? Me and Abby are officially addicts! Haha! 

Last time we went there we were given discount coupons so we decided to use one of them.

We got their Cioccolato cause it looked cool and yummy! Look at that block of chocolate stuck on a spoon! Cool right?

You’re supposed to dip and mix it in hot milk. Making hot chocolate should be this fun! Haha! The hot chocolate was good because it didn’t taste like cheap chocolate and it was rich, but I wish the milk was hotter and there was more milk. It was bitin. We wanted more. 🙁

Steffi’s Caramel Frap.

We chilled and read our books on a Friday night! Haha! We’re so cool. Lol.

Ahh I just finished this book this morning! Can’t wait for the next book to come out! I highly recommend it!

What are your family’s favorite restaurants? Share them with me! Suggest me good books to read too! 🙂  

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