So last Saturday, I attended the most AMAZING and GRAND debut ever. The attire requested was formal and preferrably black or white. The weekend before, I was searching for a gown but I couldn’t seem to find a nice gown and one that wasn’t so expensive, so I just decided to just have one made. 

This is what I wore to the debut:

I actually had this design copied. It turned out to be more bongga than the design. Oh well, this makes up for having no Traditional Ball!

I really love how it turned out. I chose this design because I’m currently in love with mullet skirts (short length in front then long at the back). The sleeves and the collar makes this dress different from your usual sweetheart neckline gowns. It’s kind of chinese-y too. 

A closer look on the fabric! Thanks to my Mom for buying the cloth to make my dress!

Wore my ever so reliable black wedges! So glad I broke in them before the debut!

This is my sister, Sam, who is so funny, that when she saw me, changed and matched her outfit to mine! May crown pa!

Big thanks to Cris for my dress and finishing it in TWO DAYS! Yes, you heard it right! TWO DAYS! Galing noh? Cris actually works for my lola’s shop named “Stitch it Up,” which is right beside Sophie’s Mom. So if you need to have something made/altered, head to my lola’s shop, look for Cris and grab some Sophie’s Mom goodies while you’re there! 😉 

Here are some photos from the Photobooth with my beautiful friends! 🙂

I am a forever fail at fierce poses. Someone teach me. -__-

What do you think of my gown? Let me know! 😉

Hype my look here. 🙂

P.S. Sorry for the picspam! 😛

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