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As a college student, whenever I’m in school, the gadget that I use the most is my phone (I don’t bring my laptop to school). I use it not only to text and call, but most of the time to connect to different social media sites like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. It keeps me sane from a day full of acads! It’s definitely more fun compared to high school where we weren’t allowed to bring phones to school! Now, I don’t have to wait just to get home to connect to my favorite social sites! Don’t want to wait too? Read more to find out how you can share YOUR experiences to the world in a instant!

There is no more waiting with SMART LTEWhat good is a captured moment if you can’t share it right away? Share every moment fast with SMART LTE – the provider of ultimate online experience. 

Hype my look here

Floral Top: Little Nook
Sunnies: Fayenesss Shop
Cupcake Necklace: Pop Fairies Online Shop

 So what are you waiting for? Live on the fast lane with SMART LTE!

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