Dress UP: UPCAT Tips

So UPCAT is just around the corner (next weekend already!) and I received a couple of requests on this topic, so here’s some tips from me (no guaranteed passing rate, haha!) to help you out! My sister’s actually taking it this year (hi Stef, no press, lol) which makes me feel extraaaa old. Please pray and wish her luck with me!! 

Here are my 5 tips:


1. Days before UPCAT: Don’t. Cram.

Unless you think you are an absolute genius (yes, there are annoyingly smart people like that, lol) who doesn’t need to study for the UPCAT/entrance exams, then this tip is not for you. But for those who are like me, who have to study for hourssss and work hard for every single point, I hope you’ve had a head start already! UPCAT is generally just stock knowledge and everything you learned your whole high school life, so if you think you can’t remember anything you learned (lol), you gotta review and touch up on those! Although, if you’re the type of person who works great under pressure and is used to cramming, then maybe this tip won’t be applicable to you too. 


2. Day before UPCAT: No. More. Studying. 

Give yourself and your brain a whole day of rest from studying. This is so that you are fresh and ready for battle for that 5-6 hr exam (if I’m not mistaken)! Also, no use trying to cram all those last-minute info in your head, which will probably be gone the next day. Spend this day in complete relaxation and get a good night’s rest (most especially if your sched is AM!)


3. Day of UPCAT: Battle Preparations

Eat a good meal. Double check if you’ve got everything you need: pencils, forms, snacks/drinks, etc. Wake up or be early! UPCAT traffic is terrible. Better to be super early than late. Last thing you want is for you to lose your cool and concentration because you’re late and panicking!



4. During UPCAT: RELAX.

This has to be the most common advice but it’s true. All entrance exams test not only your intelligence but your speed in comprehension. It’s important that you stay calm even in just seeing the bajillion questions you’ll be answering for a very limited time. If you start to panic, your brain will go loco and you won’t be able to answer things you could have easily answered if you were calm. When you start to panic, just breathe. If you are faced with a difficult question, skip and come back to it later. 



Celebrate! Whether you think you did bad or good, you deserve it! Taking that long of an exam is no joke and no better way to end it with a good meal! I will never forget my post-UPCAT meal because it was the culmination of all my hard work and the best cure to my throbbing head after some intensive brain work-out. And after celebrating, you wait. Everything happens for a reason and if it’s for you, it’s for you. If it’s not, then there are better things ahead of you. If it’s not, then at least you know you did your best (I hope you did); no regrets. And lastly, if it’s not, don’t lose hope! There are a lot more ways to enter UP other than the UPCAT. 


So those are my 5 tips! Were they helpful? Goodluck to all those taking it this coming weekend! Keep Calm & #UPFight! 

Hope to see you future Iskas & Iskos! No way but UP! 🙂 

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