Dunkin’ Donut

No, this is not a food post on Dunkin’ Donuts, lol. My outfit just reminds me of it. Haha!

Built my outfit around these magenta shorts sent by The Dollhouse! Since it’s summer, I wanted to be colorful so I matched it with a basic orange tanktop and covered up with my colorful kimono jacket that matches both my shorts and top!

To break the orange-pink combo, I wore this aqua blue necklace from Bubbles! This is definitely a piece I’ve been wearing over and over again. <3

Staccato Wedges from CMG

Wore my comfy favorite wedges to match my necklace!

Thank you to RopaAnneaux (yellow beaded bracelet) and Sugar Coated (colorful beaded bracelet) for my summery and bright bracelets!

RopaAnneaux Feather Earrings

Thank you RopaAnneaux for these! The colors match perfectly to my outfit!

Say hello to my new wallet sent by Tutum Shop! The moment I got this, I changed my old wallet immediately! I love love love it! It’s perfect! It has everything you need for a wallet: bills, cards, coins, etc. I love the style and the color too! Thank you so much again for Tutum Shop for sending me this! <3

So, do I look like a Dunkin’ Donut endorser? Loljk. What do you think of my outfit? Hype my look here.

Trivia: These photos were taken when it was about to rain!!! (THUNDERRRR O_O /scarreh) hence the messy me. 

Photos by my bro, Abs!

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