Fashion for Gadgets

Who says fashion is only for people? ๐Ÿ˜‰ย 

Here are the cases I’ve received for Four (name of my iPhone 4s /yes, I name my gadgets, lol. #dontjudge)

Butingtings My Melody Case |ย Butingtingsย Bunny Case

Butingtingsย Polkadot Case | I_Nako Lavender Case

Fayenesss Shop Mint Case |ย ย I_Nakoย Pastel Pink Case

Sophie’s Mom colors! Pastel love! <3

ย I_Nakoย Orange Charger | I_Nakoย Ipad 360 Rotating Case

Orange love! <3

Meet Eleven, my best friend! Extremely light and thin! Thanks again mom! <3

This pretty mint colored envelope clutch sent by Satchi Storeย was such a perfect fit for Eleven, that Iย turned it into a laptop bag!

Soooo pretty! I wish I had it in all their pretty colors!ย 

Satchi Storeย Envelope Clutch |ย Fayenesss Shopย Mint Case

Mint love! My favorite color! <3

ย I_Nakoย Pastel Pink Case |ย Fayenesss Shopย Hello Kitty Ear Cap

Say hello to Hello Kitty!ย 

So what’s your favorite out of all? ๐Ÿ™‚ย 

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