Floral Mix

This is what I wore last weekend to shoot and set-up a Vintage Circus themed dessert buffet by Sophie’s Mom! If you didn’t know, Sophie’s Mom also does customized dessert buffets for parties with a theme of your choice. 🙂 /shameless plug haha!

I actually received these floral harem pants months ago and I only got to wear them now. Because the print of the pants is already striking and busy, I decided to match it with a basic purple tank top. 

This necklace I recently received was a perfect match to my pants too!

My ever so comfortable wedges! <3

I also brought my pretty mint laptop bag because I had to work and be productive while waiting for the party to finish!

Hahaha! Candid!

What do you think of my colorful floral outfit? Comments are always loved! 🙂 

Hype my look here.

 Floral Pants: Miss Mannequin
Envelope Clutch: Satchi Store
Shoes: CMG 

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