Go SENIO12S + Happy Birthday Dad!

“Sawakala Hubalita Seniors! Gatamalaya Menalika Saba! Ohh ohhhhhhh!”

No, that isn’t some foreign language. Haha! That’s our batch cheer we used during our very last Intramurals. Oh, how time flies. I still remember Intrams as a freshman… where we didn’t exactly win much or anything. Haha! But now after 4 years we have finally redeemed ourselves; we won overall champions! So so proud and love my batch! We aren’t exactly the most athletic batch but we really worked hard to win everything we possibly could! Can’t explain how I felt after we won. It was such a great way to end my last Intrams in high school! Sarap maging SENIO12! 

Who run the world? SENIO12S! 

Right after such a tiring Intramurals, I celebrated the start of my Christmas break and my dad’s birthday at “Korea Garden.” We all started to love Korean food after eating in an authentic Korean place at Baguio. They had this delicious and unique purple rice, that so far we haven’t seen in Korean restaurants in Manila. 

The feast:

These were served with salad, but I just ate the dilis and toge. Dilis and toge remind me of my favorite restaurant(which is now closed), “Kamemeshi,” which served these as appetizers too. The dilis is crispy and sweet. It’s super addicting!

We ordered this spicy soup with what I think is mushroom and tofu. It was good!

We ordered Beef Bulgogi and Chicken Barbecue. It looks a lot right? It’s actually not that much and it looks a lot because of the shape of the pan. Look how it looks like without the food:

Nonetheless, it was still good! I prefer the Chicken Barbecue over the Beef Bulgogi because you can really taste its flavor and you know it’s marinated really well. It’s not hard either.


I love Korean/Japanese rice. I love how it’s so sticky. Isn’t it so fun to use chopsticks too? Haha!

Got free pineapples. 

For dessert, for some weird reason my dad didn’t really want a cake. So we ordered ice cream instead. We were supposed to try this really good “melona ice cream,” but I guess it’s so good that they ran out? Haha! So we got other kinds instead.

My sister got a watermelon flavored one, which looked like – well, a watermelon.


I got a fish ice cream sandwich. I’ve been seeing this many times but I never really got a chance to try it. 

It was yummy. It wasn’t too sweet. The brown stuff is supposedly mongo, but it didn’t taste like it. The “mongo” actually made the sandwich not too sweet. 

Overall, I enjoyed the food in Korea Garden, which is located at 128 Jupiter St., Bel Air Village, Makati City. You can contact them at: 895-54-43. 

Anyways, goodbye school(for now)! Hello Christmas break!

P.S. Hope you can come to Sophie’s Mom’s LAST Bazaar this year! It will be at the NOEL Bazaar today till Friday at the World Trade Center! Hope to see you! 🙂 

P.P.S. Please pray that my camera won’t take long to fix! 🙂

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