Hello Kitty

I received this lovely top months ago and I finally got to wear it out! The material is silk, making it super comfy and light! I love how silk feels! Haha! I also love the color and the off-shoulder style!

Received these handmade accessories! Aren’t they so cute?! <3

Love this ribbon bracelet too! Another addition to my ribbon collection! <3

What do you think of my ribbon overload outfit? Comments are always loved! ūüôā¬†

Hype my look here.

Pants: Berksha
Pink Top:  Glint of Glam
Earrings: Purple Cinth
Ribbon Bracelet: Fingertip Accessories
Cupcake & Ribbon Rings: Fingertip Accessories 
Lipstick: Buttery Nude NYX Xtreme Lip Cream c/o Stuff in Style

Author: sophiemos

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