It Ends Tonight

Last Tuesday, I had a reunion of sorts with my friend, Timmy (MISSED YOU SOOO MUCH!). After chilling and catching up with one another, we had an impromptu shoot at night with her sister, so don’t judge our outfits. Haha! As for the title, it was inspired by All American Reject’s “It Ends Tonight,” one of my favorite songs and because I am graduating today!!! Still can’t believe it!

I’ve never really liked shooting at night, but I’m really happy with how the shots turned out! What do you think of the photos?? Isn’t Timmy such a natural? Model na! Haha! She really reminds me of a mix of Leighton Meester and Kristen Stewart (Be kilig, Timmy.) Haha! Do see you it? 


P.S. More photos to come! 😉

Author: sophiemos

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