Jamba Juice Addict

I already blogged about my first Jamba Juice experience here, but since I was able to try their other products already, here’s a second post!

I tried their Berry Topper Yogurt & Fruit Parfait (P150)! I loved it! I love the crunchy granolas the best. The yogurt is fresh and there are even real strawberries. I even like it more than their drinks sometimes. 

Acai Supercharger 

This has to be my favorite drink out of all. It’s not too sour or too sweet for my taste. Plus, they have a promo this summer that you get a FREE upsize! How awesome is that??

Spinach n’ Cheese Wrap (P145)

I was quite hesistant to buy this at first because it was expensive for its small size but I couldn’t resist because I love cheese and spinach! It was good! It was bitin though. 🙁 I wished they used a cheese with more flavor or different kinds of cheese though.

Cheddar Tomato Twist (P80)

Again, was attracted to it because it has cheese, lol. It was very savory but since I’m a cheese addict, I wished it had more cheese. Haha!

I have also tried their Blueberry & Blackberry Steel Cut Oatmeal and I loved it! There was generous amount of blueberries and blackberries. The oatmeal itself totes beats Quaker instant oatmeal, lol. It’s very filling too. /sorry no photo.

Truly, healthy never tasted this good! Lol. I love Jamba Juice! <3

What’s your favorite from Jamba Juice?? 🙂

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