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On the day of Pacquiao’s fight, me and my mom went on a “date.” I swear Pacquiao should have fights everyday! The country’s so peaceful and it’s so nice to roam around the city without crowds of people. We were supposed to eat lunch somewhere else but I really wanted to try the newly opened Jamba Juice at Fort. I’ve been hearing a lot about it and since I’m starting to become a fan of fruit drinks, I just had to try it!

Based on my research (:-B), Jamba Juice is a franchise brought by Max’s (yes, the fried chicken)! Apparently, they also brought Krispy Kreme here in the Philippines too! Coooolness!


I ordered Banana Berry, because of the recommendation of one of the workers there. (Read: I’m very indecisive = Libra) It was yummy. It reminded me of a drink, I can’t really remember that I used to drink when I was a kid. What I like about Jamba Juice, is compared to other fruit drinks in the market, they don’t cheat on you by giving you all ice. Jamba Juice doesn’t use much ice, so you can really taste the fruits and its texture. I also really love their customer service! Their workers are so friendly and jolly and welcome you with smiles! 🙂

Another cool thing about Jamba Juice is that they have this free touchscreen photobooth! You can take pictures and send it to your email! How cool is that?


Jamba Juice is located in the what I think is the new Boni High. It’s really really pretty! I love the layout of the place. It’s kind of like a triangle.

#dreamBIG #oneday

Nice place to take pictures! 

After Jamba Juice, me and my mom decided to just have lunch in Chelsea. I was overwhelmed when I looked at their menu, I wanted to try everything! They sounded all sooo yummy! My mom has already eaten there before, so I just trusted her to order for us instead of me taking forever to decide on what to order #libra. Like they say, “Mothers know best.” 😉 My mom said that there servings were really big, so we just got one meal to share. 

Complementary Focaccia bread with Sweet Garlic

I love how their Focaccia bread is so soft. It was my first time to taste garlic that’s sweet!

We ordered Spinach Pasta with Grilled Chicken. 

It was good! I loved the walnuts. The chicken was really marinated well, so you could really taste its flavor. As my mom said, it’s not like those creamy pastas, you’ll get sick of immediately after a few bites. It’s light and has just the right amount of sauce. 🙂 The serving’s look small but trust me, it’s so much! Me and my mom were full already even if we shared the pasta!

So that’s my attempt to write a food review! (Please don’t laugh at me.) How did it go? :/ Hope you enjoyed reading though! 🙂

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