2015 has just started and it feels as if I’m two months in already. I know I’ve said that I won’t have any resolutions this year but I’ve been thinking about some notes or reminders to keep in mind during this fast moving year, that I’ve decided to share on this post. Writing and sharing these will hopefully make it more concrete and maybe inspire you guys too! 🙂



1. Enjoy Life. 

School is starting in just a few days and I already know it will suck the life out of me. I’ve always told myself that I want to look back at my college life and remember not the grades I got, stack of readings and pile of books I’ve read, tests I’ve cried over, and what not (read: nerd life). Instead I want to look back to yolo, crazy, stupid, heart-breaking, and even the life-threatening (lol) moments and adventures. I’ve had several during my first years of college but this year hasn’t been so eventful and adventurous because I’ve been so busy with school. So, the reminder: Make time to have fun. Lol. In line with this, Sinulooooog! I’m so excited to experience you!!! #firsttimer

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2. Your only competition is yourself. 

In an environment and work where numbers seem to define you, the pressure can get intense and push you to change the purpose and motivation of your goals and actions. Have to keep in mind that it’s all about improving oneself for the better and inspiring others through passion! 🙂



3. Focus and make it happen.

Last year, I joined and tried new things, grasped different opportunities and along the way, I learned a lot and realized which are for me and what are not. This year, I’m letting go of these and will focus and devote myself to my passions and what truly makes me happy (happy stress!) Definitely going to start planning and working on my personal future projects! SO excited!


4. Be Sensitive 

“Be kind for everyone you meet is going through a hard battle.”


5. Dress my age.

Lol. It’s just sinking in now that I’m 20 years old (so late, I know) and I should probably start picking out pieces that fit my age. I’m starting to become more conscious of what I wear and I guess my style is shifting too. So what do you think of this look?


Hope this post will help jumpstart your year as well and guide you in the months to come! Let’s make this year count, guys! 🙂

Clothes Buffet Manila crop top, Shana skirt, Forever 21 fedora hat 

Photos by Aya

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