Just One Yesterday

I’ve recently fell in love Fall Out Boy’s new album (Yes, they’re back! If you didn’t know yet, lol). I’m not a die hard fan but I’ve always loved a lot of their songs. Their new album is so good & awesome!! I love EVERY song on their album. If you haven’t listened to it yet, try listening to Just One Yesterday, actually just listen to the whole album!! lol. 

This is the outfit I wore before Close Up Summer Solstice. I was going to go Ice Skating so I made sure to wear pants (cold + no bruises, lol). I also wore a sleeveless top, since I didn’t want to die of heat either (Is it still hot there in Manila??) 

Minimal accessories since the collar is pretty busy. 

Hype my look here.

Top: Fashion Perceptions by Sei

Ring & Bracelet: Winterberry Accessories

Photo Layout by Lai Reyes

I’d trade all my tomorrows for just one yesterday, this day.

Author: sophiemos

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