Katsu & Polaroid Love

What happened to my bonding with Stef, Abby and Kamia:

Had lunch at Yabu for Kamia to try (3rd time here, blogged about it here). As usual, it didn’t disappoint. I swear, they have the best food, service and staff!

Abby’s Katsudon. I’ve tried this already and it is HEAVEN! 

Love this shirt! Miso = Happy me!

It’s so fluffy! I’m gonna die! Haha!

We then headed to Fort to chill. We got to use Kamia’s polaroid cam!!! I swear, it’s so aliw!!! It’s like magic! I couldn’t get over my first ever polaroid picture! The only downside to it is that the film is pretty expensive (P40 for one picture) that’s why you have to really make sure that you don’t look ugly! Haha! 

Here are some of our polaroid pictures! 

Yabu group picture and Stef with her Jamba Juice drink.

Steffi and Me at a Japan Airport daw. Haha!

Someone give me a polaroid camera NOW na! Haha!

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