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I had dinner at Kitchen’s Best at BGC, Fort with my family weeks ago after reading some food blogs about it (one of my past-times). 

The first thing I noticed when I entered was that it was pretty hot. :/ Not exactly a comfortable dining environment.

The interiors are pretty classy. I like their chairs.


Kitchen’s Best is known for their cakes, which have been recognized and have won awards. 

Looks deadly.

We ordered their Quatre Formage (P225) if I’m not mistaken, for our appetizer. I liked the dip (cheeeese) but the crackers were a bit too hard for me. 

Baked Salmon (P340)

Salpicao (P280)

Steffi’s order. She said it wasn’t that good. 

40 Cloves Chicken (P280)

I ordered their Croque Monsieur (P265) because first, it has cheese and second, it said in their menu that this was their “best-selling sandwich.” It was actually pretty disappointing because they used ordinary white bread. I wished they used another type of bread. The cheese lacked flavor, although, I liked that it melts in your mouth. The fries were okay and ordinary. For me, it lacked salt. 

Steffi ordered their Plaisir Sucre (P140) for dessert. She said it was good. 

What I was really looking forward to was dessert! I ordered their White Chocolate Macadamia Brittle Cheesecake (P180), because it’s two of my favorite things in one dessert: Cheesecake + White Chocolate (white chocolate over milk chocolate for meee). It was so good! The cheesecake was soft and smooth and it melts in your mouth! I loved the combination of the cheesecake and the macadamia brittle. I also liked that it wasn’t too sweet even with the macadamia brittle. I’m the type who can finish one slice of cake (or even more, if it’s really good) in one sitting but I wasn’t able to finish this. I don’t know why… it wasn’t even that sweet. Nonetheless, I liked it! 🙂

Overall, the food was okay but not bad. I recommend going there for their desserts more though. 

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