Like Mother, Like Daughter

A few days ago, my mom’s friend, Rhenz, who just finished make up classes and wants to start on her portfolio, asked me and my mom to be models for her “mother-daughter album.” I’m not exactly the best model when it comes to make up because I have certain issues/arte whenever it comes to putting make up on certain parts of my face because of a very traumatic experience with make up when I was a child (hello there, cousins), so I don’t allow some make up stuff to touch my face. 

Here are some of her shots (very close-up, lol) from her album:

I like this, but it’s blurry. 🙁 

So, what do you think of our look? 😉

P.S. Wish me luck on my first full day of college tomorrow! 🙂

Author: sophiemos

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