Mamou too!

I had dinner at Mamou a few days ago at their second branch at Rockwell (that’s why they call it Mamou too! …. get it? Haha!) Mamou is my mom’s favorite restaurant. Whenever we have special occasions, she always wants to celebrate it here. Although, this time there wasn’t any special occasion. 😛

Love their tiles!

Complimentary bread! This is super addicting! I remember we even bought a pack home because we loved it so much. We even named it as our favorite “brown bread,” lol. Sophie’s Mom actually has something similar to this (whole wheat buns), that you might what to try! /shameless plug lol

Hot bread + butter = mhmm heaven

Steffi who loves anything sour, ordered their Dalandan Mint Shake. She said she liked it. 

I ordered their Lorenzo’s Truffle Cream. Whenever I see the word truffle oil, I can’t help but order it (like my cheese obsession). Truffle oil has this certain taste that you can’t really explain, but it makes a dish taste more flavorful and delicious. Most pastas I’ve tried that supposedly had truffle oil didn’t taste like they actually had, but this one from Mamou, I could really taste. Even Sam said she could smell the truffle oil. Yes, my 7-year old sister knows and can smell truffle oil, lol. This pasta was so addicting and good that me and Sam were fighting over it! Haha! 

Mamou is best known for their steaks. 

Steak Rice

I’ve always wondered how a Key Lime Pie tastes like. I either see it online or I make my Sims make it (the video game, lol.) So to satisfy my curiosity I ordered it. 

I loooved it! It sort of tasted like a lemon square (which I love too) but it had a perfect balance of sweet and sour. It was smooth and soft. The crust was perfect too, that Sam kept asking for! I also liked that they put the whipped cream separately because I don’t like whipped cream. 😛

My mom ordered the Tarte Tatin, which is one of their bestsellers. Although it was good, I wasn’t much of a fan of this. Key Lime Pie still wins!

It’s best to set reservations beforehand if you want to dine here.

Note: Mamou is pretty pricey but you get what you pay for. 😉

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