#MaphieTravels TOKYO 2016 VLOG [Part II]

After xxx attempts to upload this (thanks to my crappy internet/cries), finally it’s up!

This second part includes snippets of our itinerary for our days 4-7 in Tokyo! I have yet to blog our full itinerary, so in the meantime do watch the video below (in HD!). In case you missed it, you can view Part I HERE.


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P.S. Any CardCaptor Sakura fans here? Sounds familiar? 😉

Author: sophiemos

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  • You two are a perfect reminder of how unfair life is. You, Sophie, are a business administration graduate from UPD, Magna Cum Laude, even! That alone is such a hassle, but you can manage to find time to study, intern, run a business, blog, be pretty, and even TRAVEL OFTEN!!! Moreover, you’re a relationship with Mr. Martin Qui, who is equally good-looking and intelligent, (also a UPD graduate, microbiology and biotechnology Summa Cum Laude), and an amazing photographer!! Meanwhile, all of us humble earthlings are struggling just studying HUHU it’s like wala kaming time for everything else in lyfff huhuhuhu 🙁 Although I do believe in the saying that goes, “nobody’s perfect,” I also believe that maybe some people are far less flawed than others — and you two are a prime example of just that. Tsk, tsk, tsk, unfair!!! 🙁

    JOKE LANG, GUYS, LOVE KO KAYO but not more than how much you love each other hihi #couplegoals HUHUHU #maphie is LOVE <3 (one of my life goals is to meet you guys, tbh) I super love, love, love this video, and your blog, Sophie! More than being jelly of your awesome, awesome life, I am inspired to work hard, and strive to be like both of you! God bless, Sophie and Martin! To more years filled with love, together <3 Continue to inspire readers like me <3