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Many food trends come and go, especially in Manila where we love to dine out and try the latest food craze. Years ago back when I was in school, milk tea was one of the up-and-coming trends that became highly popular. Milk tea shops were popping up all over the metro and I remember among the pioneer local brands was Serenitea. Fast forward to ten years later, Serenitea has branches nationwide and continues to deliver a wide range of food and drinks. Whenever I pass by a Serenitea branch, I’ve noticed that they always have a poster with a new and exciting food and drink. They come with the most innovative drinks, which I think is why they’ve gained a loyal following and has become more than a trend and become part of our Filipino food culture.

I’ve always had a number of Serenitea favorites that I order every time so when I was tasked to take on the Serenitea Top-TEAn Drinks Challenge I was pretty excited to finally push myself to try something new there! I tried a total of 10 drinks and ranked them according to my personal taste below!

10. Okinawa Espresso (50% sugar, no sinkers)

The perfect blend of tea and coffee. Your favorite Okinawa milk tea with a hint of espresso. This is the ultimate caffeine drink if you have a late night ahead!

9. Cocoa Cookies and Cream (50% sugar, no sinkers)

If you love chocolate, this drink is for you! The drink comes with a scoop of ice cream and cookie crumbs, so it’s definitely an explosion of flavor and texture in your mouth. Yum!

8. Chocolate Strawberry Frost (50% sugar, no sinkers)

This is another drink for chocolate lovers. Strawberries is one of my favorite fruits and makes a great combination with chocolate. The strawberry frost on top balances out the chocolate with a fruity taste.

7. Hong Kong Milk Tea (100% sugar)

If you want your milk tea with a stronger and more distinct tea taste, then this is the drink for you. The 100% sugar level balances it out so it’s actually not too sweet at all!

6. Hokkaido Milk Tea (50% sugar with Pearl and Pana Cotta)

One of my favorite Serenitea drinks ever since, but trying out with more sinkers definitely made it love it more! Don’t hesitate to add more sinkers to your drinks!

5. Cranberry Black Tea (25% sugar with Green Tea Jelly and Nata)

I used to be addicted to fruit tea juices. Whenever I’m not in the mood for something milky or creamy, I would order this as an alternative. I may have ordered this before but not with the same combination! The chewy green tea jelly and nata sinkers made this drink more enjoyable!

3. Green Apple Yakult (with Nata and Chia Seeds)

Another fruit juice favorite! This is the drink if you’re looking for something more on the sour side. The added Chia seeds also gives it more texture and makes it healthier! 😉

3. Okinawa Milk Tea (50% sugar with Pearl and Pudding)

This is Serenitea’s best-selling drink ever since. This is for days when you’re not in the mood to explore and just want your classic milk tea!

2. Green Tea Slush (75% sugar, no sinkers)

One of the Serenitea favorites that I would order once or twice every week in College. I love green tea and even more as a slush! Perfect for sunny days where you need a boost of alertness and energy!

1. Taro Milk Tea (50% sugar with Pudding)

And still the best Serenitea drink after all these years! Haha. Taro has always been my favorite milk tea flavor. Not a lot of milk tea shops capture the unique and authentic taste of Taro unlike Serenitea. If you want to try something new, try this one out and it might just be your next favorite too. 🙂

And that’s my Top 10 Serenitea drinks! Writing this makes me want to head to my nearest branch and get a drink, lol. What’s your favorite Serenitea drink and which ones from the list above do you want to try? Share it in the comments below!

Happy 10th anniversary, Serenitea!

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