Note: Food posts for now because I just had college enrollment and orientation these past two days! Sorry! Hope you enjoy reading my food posts as much as fashion related ones!

Nolita is located at Fort, above Jamba Juice. I tried out this pizza place after the recommendation of my friend, and I kept coming back for mooooore!

I love chalkboard menus! <3

I like their chill interiors and ambiance. I think it really matches their products. 

Cool lights.

Nolita has a lot of overwhelming delicious pizza flavors to choose from! Most of them are on a counter which you can see while you line up (self-order restaurant type). Their pizzas are also insanely huuuuuuge and will really fill you up.

On my first trip, I ordered their Pesto Grilled Chicken with Sundried Tomato Pizza (P250), because of my pesto obsession. It was also my first time to see that combination on a pizza! It’s normally done for sandwiches or pasta. It was good! But at some point because I was too full I couldn’t taste anything anymore, lol. 

Stovetop Mac and Cheese (P330)

My mom ordered this and I couldn’t resist tasting it (cheeeese)! I actually loved it even though the taste of blue cheese was really strong. If you don’t like blue cheese, I suggest you don’t order this though.

We also ordered some Potato Chip Fries (P130). It was sort of like Shakey’s mojos but thinner and a bit spicy. I actually really liked the spiciness. It’s really addicting too!

Pepperoni Pizza (P160)

Chicken Parmesan (P230)

I think this one of their bestsellers!

Spinach Artichoke Pizza (P180)

I tried this on my 2nd visit! It was good too! There was generous amount of cheese and spinach!

Wild Mushroom Walnut Blue (P250)

This is what I tried on my third visit (obviously an addict)! It’s my favorite out of all that I’ve tried. I think it’s because of the blue cheese which really adds a lot of flavor to the pizza. Love the mushrooms and walnuts too!

Another thing I love about Nolita’s pizza is the crust!!! It’s not your oily type of crust. 

On my third visit, I was curious about their Iced Blueberry Green Tea. I decided to order it because those were two things I love in one drink, blueberry and green tea. Unfortunately, I didn’t like it at all. It had a weird taste. I didn’t even finish half of the drink. 

The service was pretty okay on my first and second visit but we had a not so good experience on my third visit. The line was really long and I think the cashier was panicking and took forever. And it took longer because she wasn’t only a cashier but she also prepared the drinks and served pizzas too. @_@ 

That aside, I recommend that instead of going to your usual pizza places, try out Nolita for a change! It might even be your new “usual,” and you might turn into an addict like me! Haha! I will definitely go back and try out some of their sandwiches too!

Did I mention they are open till 2 am? 🙂

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