One of my school projects was to make a make magazine cover of any character from the Shakespearean play, Hamlet. Me and my partner, Pat, choose the character named Ophelia. 

Yes, I became Ophelia. 

Shawl borrowed from my Mom | Posh Pocket Nude Flats | DIY Flower Crown

(L-R) That Quaint Store Flower Ring | Yhansy Flower Ring

If you search for Ophelia images, she would always appear to have flowers hence the flower accessories. Fairy lang ang peg!

Snow White lang ang peg! Haha!

Since Ophelia is a weak character and someone who just obeys and obeys her father(who is wrong), I held an apple to represent Eve, who like Ophelia, just obeyed the serpent and gave into temptation. 

So here’s my first ever magazine cover! Lol.

Does it look legit? Pwede na? 🙂

Hype my look here

Thanks to my partner, Pat for the photos and my hair! We make a great team! 😉 

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