OREO excited for 2012?!?

Before my official New Year post (still waiting for photos, hi Kams), this is a shameless plug for Sophie’s Mom

One of our newest products to welcome the new year!

Oreo Cheesecake Cookies! Ever heard of that? Only at Sophie’s Mom!  These are soft moist cheesecake cookies with chocolate chips covered in Oreo crumbs. It sounds really sweet doesn’t it? But it’s not! It just has the right amount of sweetness. This is officially my new favorite cookie! 

So what OREO waiting for? Try it now! (Sorry for being corny, I just had to. Haha!) 


Tumblr Ask Answers:

I love you and your blog! ♥
Thank you! I’m so glad you do! <3
I seriously love your blog. I’m so glad I found it! One of my followers suggested your blog to me, hee hee.
Aww thank you so much! Warms my heart! 🙂
Hello! If you’re planning to buy a polaroid cam, dont buy online! 🙂 They’re more expensive e. I bought my fujifilm instax mini 7s at sm megamall fujifilm. 🙂 Hope this helps you. Btw, 20sheets=P756.00 And the cam costs 2,950. 🙂
That’s where my cousin bought hers too! Thanks so much for the info! Hope I can get one soon! 🙂
Hi! looking at your pics, the frozen brazo with vanilla ice cream seems delish! where do you get them? 🙂
Hi! One is from Dasma, the other one is by Sweetlife by Ange. I also recommend that you try our (Sophie’s Mom) Frozen Brazo Mochi Ice cream! Haha! It’s the same, only it’s in a mochi. 🙂
what year are you in? 🙂
4th year high school. 🙂
Ask/drop me a note here. 🙂
Note: I only post answers after I receive 5 to avoid spamming. Tweet me for faster replies. 🙂 

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