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  • #MaphieTravels: Daranak Falls

    Looking back at 2015, I realized that I had quite a number of mini-adventures, especially local entries to #MaphieTravels that I have yet to share. Me and Martin try to make it a point to go

  • #MaphieTravels Korea: Day One – II

    Ewha is one of the university spots in Korea, where Ewha Womens University is located. Last time I was here, I didn’t get the chance to really see the whole place because of time constraints. After

  • #MaphieTravels Korea: Day One – I

    Before my inspiration dies down, my memory fades, and before all this goes to my mountainload of backlogs blogpost, I’m going to begin and (hopefully) finish this travel set!

  • Where to Stay in Singapore for First Timers

    My birthday month is here! If there is anything I’m most excited about this month aside from turning a year older (not particularly thrilled about that lol) is that I’m finally traveling again! I decided