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National Makeover Day!
Last Thursday, I attended the launch of an exciting and big event! Read more to know what HBC has in store for you guys this coming Independence day!
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Shops to Visit: Lancôme
OD Adventures: Pinto Art Museum


So before I end up not blogging about this, I finally worked on this post and finished it after 2 looong nights of drafting! (warning: very image heavy) I’m starting a new section on my blog entitled OD Adventures, where I’ll be sharing my adventures and experiences at unique and unknown places. This is also to feature some hidden nooks and sights and showcase the beautiful places in our country, that’s just waiting to be found! Hope you can suggest me other adventure places as well! As for my first post, I’m featuring this beautiful gallery hidden away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Read more to know about it!



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