Finally Found my Eyelash Lengthening Solution (Non-Surgical)!

If there is one thing I've always wished to be blessed with (physically), it has to be longer lashes. Unfortunately, among my family, I have sparse and the shortest eyelashes (even Martin ...

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My UP Journey + 5 Things I Learned from College

How do I even begin writing this? This post has been sitting in my draft folder for weeks now and I've been going back and forth, writing bits and pieces ...

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Surprise Yourself

It's been quite a while since I've blogged an outfit post. It seems like every time I do, my hair is totally different, lol. In case you guys haven't seen ...

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#MaphieTravels Taiwan Day 0: Pre-flight + Arrival

It’s officially my LAST summer vacation before I enter the working-slash-real world /cries. There is no better way to make the best out of it than to travel, of course! ...

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SxS for Le Caprice

It's finally out! Steffi and I modelled for the first collection of Le Caprice - a Manila-based online boutique celebrating uniqueness and whimsicality. Inspired by the timeless fashions of decades past, Le Caprice caters ...

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Starting a new section for my blog -- a VLOG! It's quite a big step for me since I am usually awkward with anything live, lol. But hey, there's a ...

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