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Yes, another post for today in effort to finish all my backlogs before I start to get busy again!



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Stop trying to find the forest, just enjoy the trees



I’m sure most of you have seen Humans of New York on your Facebook feed and have been inspired one way or another. If you haven’t, you have to check it out!! I love how raw, vulnerable and real each photo, caption and of course, the people in the photos are. So I’d like to share one comment from the site that really struck me the most and made me think. If you are reading this and haven’t found your “passion” or “purpose,” this one is for you. 

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Dress UP: College 101 

I got a request for a blog topic on “UP tips for Freshies,” but since it’s pretty much the start of school for most colleges (UP starts on August due to academic shift), I’ll be including general tips for college freshies! I’ll also be sharing a few things I learned during my first days in college (ok, now I feel old lol) and if you’re no longer a freshie maybe you can relate to a few stories I’ll be sharing! Hopefully I’ll be able to give tips not only to help adjust to college life but life advice as well! 


Warning: Lengthy post ahead!

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Summertime Sadness

I’m baaaack (I really count how many times I’ve said this on my blog, I’m so sorry)! Sorry for disappearing out of the blue without any notice; summer class pretty much ate all my free time. But just like that, it’s finally over! And I’m about to start my 2nd summer, hopefully with a much free-er schedule (I am honestly so exhausted of anything school-related and in dire need of a creative outlet aka my blog). Anyways, in the middle of my busy sem, I had the chance to escape for a bit for a swim! Posting this before the rainy seem comes and it becomes untimely blogging about swimwear! I think is the first time I’m revealing this much skin on my blog but this gorgeous bikini deserves it!



PS. I apologize in advance for the lack of creativity of my poses (someone please teach me how to model swimwear, lol) 

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