SW Customized Jewerly: Imagine. Design. Create. (+ IG Giveaway!)

SilverWorks is a household brand when it comes to sterling silver jewelry in the Philippines. The name has been familiar to me ever since I was a young girl! I remember coming ...

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Coffee Lab Now Open at BGC

Nothing beats a warm cup of coffee - whether having it in the morning, late afternoon or even midnight, there's just something so soothing about having it any time of the ...

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The Perfect Scent

CLEAN has been an innovator in the world of fragrance that works from a simple and eco-conscious philosophy. It is a pioneering brand for simple and eco-conscious perfumes. I recently attend ...

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My Confidence Story

I haven't always been confident with my body. We all have our share of insecurities and I'm sure almost all girls can relate that most often than not these stem from ...

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Tokyo March 2016 Day 1: Pre-flight Tips, Narita Airport, Roppongi

First trip of the year at my favorite country with my favorite travel buddy! How do I even begin blogging about this amazing trip?View post

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#SephoraSelected: Mario Badescu Skin Care Review

Happy to be doing another review for Sephora Philippines (first review here)! This time featuring the #SephoraSelected brand of the month - Mario Badescu. Mario Badescu is an American brand, established ...

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