Paris Food Trip Day 1

Miss my food posts? Haha! TGIF meaning time for blogging!

We didn’t really have a list of restaurants to try out on the day we arrived in Paris. So for our first meal, we just had to chose between the many cafes found within the area.

When you see restaurants/cafes in Paris, you will notice that everyone is eating outside.  No one eats inside! It’s weird. It’s the complete opposite of us. If I’m not mistaken, it’s because it’s only at this time that they have hot sunny weather so they make the most out of it by eating outside.

Complimentary bread

This is how pizza in Paris looks like! It’s really meant for one person, so no slices! I don’t know how they finish this! #insane

Steak & Fries. Steffi said it was okay. 

Mom’s hot salad

I ordered their Croque Monsieur because my mom said to try it since it’s authentic. I was honestly disappointed with it. There was a lot of cheese but there was no flavor; it was plain and ordinary.

Although we didn’t have a list of restaurants, one shop that I had to visit and was on my mental list was Laduree!! I’ve been hearing many people say that they make the best macarons ever, so we walked 82390203 miles just for this shop! We even got lost!

The shop is so pretty! Love the pretty pastel colors!! <3

The macarons definitely didn’t disappoint. They were so soft that they would melt in your mouth. The sweetness is just right, leaving you wanting for more. It’s so addicting that next thing you know it’s all gone! 

This is the Salted Caramel flavor! Yummy! My favorite is the lemon flavored one!

Laduree also had a plate filled with free caramel squares at their counter. Of course, we made it sulit and got a lot. Haha! This has got to be the BEST caramel I’ve ever tasted! It is surprisingly soooo soft that it melts in your mouth. Totes beats Kraft Caramels x10000!!!

After walking and walking and walking, we we’re supposed to find somewhere to eat the macarons we got but when we sat in a certain restaurant just to order some drinks, they didn’t allow us to eat the macaroons, so we had no choice but to order food. -__-

French Fries

Chocolate Eclair

It was not so good daw, like it tasted like it has been in the chiller for a long time. Our’s (Sophie’s Mom) is better daw! Lol. 

Coca! as the Parisians say it.

Hope that made you hungry! Haha! Stay tuned for more posts! Hope you don’t abandon my blog, even if I don’t post regularly anymore. 🙁 #schoolblogproblems

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