Paris Food Trip Day 3

For breakfast, we had went to the bakery we went the day before. They serve various mouth-watering pastries and delicious freshly baked breads, which made us come back for more. The breads and pastries look so heavenly, right?! I just want to eat them ALLLL. 🙁 

Before visiting some historical tourist spots, we fueled up and had lunch in Mcdonalds. 

Can you believe their McCafe serves macarons and other pastries?! Sosyal!

You can choose and order on this machine then just get claim your order in the counter. So cool and easy!

I ordered this wrap with chicken, cheese and lettuce. Yummy stuff.

I’ve been wanting to try Magnum White as soon as I heard that there was this version of Magnum (white chocolate is my favorite chocolate! <3), but unfortunately they don’t offer this version yet in the Philippines. Luckily, in Paris, they offer a wide selection of different flavors of Magnum, so I was finally able to try it out. It was good but it was pretty disappointing, maybe because I was too hyped up and excited to try it that I had high expectations. Nonetheless, this is my favorite flavor of Magnum next to almond. 

For dinner, we went to this pizza place.

Onion rings for our appetizer. I don’t eat onion rings, though. Lol.

Lookie! This pizza has a sunny-side up egg in the middle!


My order: deadly Eggplant Parmagiana. 

Carbonara topped with raw egg! This is the authentic Carbonara.

For dessert, we headed to Pozzetto, one of the best gelato places based on our research (lol). We really searched for this place and even got lost getting there!

I ordered their best-seller Pistachio. Honestly, I was really disappointed. It didn’t really taste anything special compared to other Pistachio gelato/ice cream I’ve tried before. It was just okay, for me.

So that’s what I had on my 3rd day in Paris! What do you want to try out of all? 🙂 Are you hungry, yet? Haha! 

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