Petit Monde Fashion Show

Finally blogging about this event that happened last October 23! Seriously, my backlogs are killing me.. wish I had all the time in the world to just blog. 🙁 Anyways moving on, I was lucky enough to get a chance to attend Petit Monde’s very first Fashion Show. It was such a great successful show! We can definitely expect new must-have & fresh pieces from Petit Monde newest collection! Below are some outfits that caught my eye! 

Gorgeous Maja Salvador, one of their current endorser opened the show with this floral and earthy ensemble. (Can I just say, how is her hair so perfect!? lol #boringhairproblems) 

 Cherry Blossoms! <3 I really loved their Japan themed set! Makes me want to go back to Japan… 

Sunshine Cruz 

Cheska Garcia. Hope to be a fab & fashionable mom like her someday! 

THE shoes! Ahhh <3

Love these pieces! 

Fresh & youthful pieces! On the rightmost is my college batchmate, Rhea, who wore my favorite piece from the whole show! (Congrats & thanks again! 🙂 )

So what are your favorite pieces? Comment below! 🙂

I’ll definitely dropping by Petit Monde! Visit Petit Monde’s site for more information! 

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