Poppin’ Pink

What I wore to some fun bonding(more on that on my next post) with my sister, Stef, cousin, Kamia, and my bestfriend, Abby.

Summersault Peter Pan Collared Top | So Fab! Black Flats | Melty Kiss Skirt 

I wore my favorite skirt from Melty Kiss. I think my new color obsession now is magenta. I l love how it pops and makes my outfit more fun. 

Please excuse the haggard look, I’m sick with horrible colds. 🙁

Fab & Chic Bag

Used my trusty black bucket bag! I swear, I want more in my life! Haha!

A closer look on my top, don’t you just love the details on the collar? I’m such a sucker for peter pan collared tops that I bought this right away. It’s really comfy too. 

Part of my Christmas wishlist are more flats and I’m so happy I was able to get some this Christmas! These black flats from So Fab! are so comfy! It’s padded so it seems like your stepping on a cushion or pillows. Not to mention, it has a ribbon (sucker for ribbons)! 🙂

Photos by Abby.

What do you think of my outfit? Comments are greatly appreciated! 🙂


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