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Yesterday was Valentine’s Day/S.A.D./Tuesday, whatever you may call it! Haha! Me and my family had dinner at Relish at Ponte, which is located at Salcedo, Makati. Because it was Valentine’s Day, they had a special menu, a 5-COURSE MEAL and didn’t allow a la carte orders. So we had no choice but to stuff ourselves with delicious food till the very last bite!

I love Relish’s interiors. I’m a sucker for green plants as accents. I don’t know why but maybe it just gives the fresh and natural vibes. Although, I found the place to be too crowded; the tables were so close to each other. 

I just love chalkboard menus! 

So the first was the appetizer! It was a “trio of Salmon Tartare, Wild Truffle Mushroom & Gourmet Pesto Cheese served on crisp wonton triangles.” It was good! I especially liked the one with smoked salmon (I loooove Salmon!) and the mushroom toppings.

Next was soup! This is called called “Mushroom Bisque.” This soup was perfect; it was creamy and flavorful. It totes beats Campbell’s Mushroom soup.

Next was salad! “Crisp romaine salad, sprinkled with bacon, croutons, and shaved Parmesan cheese, served with our special Caesar salad dressing.” It was pretty much like any other Caesar salad. Nothing special.

Now for the main course! We had several choices for the main course. My sister and my mom ordered the Roasted Chicken with Mashed Potato. Super generous serving!

If you have been reading my previous food posts, you would know that I loooooove salmon. So I couldn’t resist ordering Baked Salmon as my choice. 

It was so good! The creamy cheese above the salmon was heaven! It was a really good mix with the Salmon and added so much flavor. Never thought cheese and salmon would make a good combination till this!

By this time we were SO FULL. I felt like I couldn’t breathe anymore, lol. But of course, there is always room for dessert, no matter how full you are, right? So for the dessert, we had the choice of either Mango Float or Chocolate Cake. I’m not much a fan of Mango, so I ordered Chocolate Cake.

This was pretty good. It’s kind of close to Polly’s Chocolate Cake, which in my opinion is the BEST CHOCOLATE CAKE EVER. I just wished it was more moist and fudgy and had more chocolate sauce. 

Overall, I loved Relish! It’s quite pricey; it’s in the same price range as 2nd’s and Lu, but I guess it’s worth it. 🙂

I must conclude that MY Valentine is none other than my family and FOOOD! Haha! Who says Valentine’s are only for couples? Right? 🙂

Where’d you celebrate your Valentine’s dinner?? Let me know! BELATED HAPPY VALENTINE’S EVERYONE! 🙂

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