Ribbon Love

This is what I wore to the SuperSale Bazaar yesterday! I just came from school so I look pretty haggard. Lol. I opted for something comfy because I knew I would be doing a lot of walking and shopping! 

Top borrowed from Steffi (sister) | Clothes for the Goddess Shorts | Melty Kiss Beaded Bracelet

So! Fab Black Flats

Shoes made for shopping! Super comfy!

Clothes for the Goddess Black Blazer

Brought my cute black blazer cause I knew it would be cold after our first experience at the SuperSale bazaar!

A closer look on my top and blazer. It’s actually quite glittery in person. Don’t you just love the ribbons too (ultimate sucker for ribbons)?? 

Hello there, eyebags. #haggard

What do you think of my look? Hype my look here and leave me a comment! 🙂 

P.S. Day 2 of SuperSale Bazaar today! Hope you can visit Sophie’s Mom! We’re right beside the entrance! 🙂

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