Before I start this make-up review, a short disclaimer: I am no make up guru and not claiming to be one! Most of the time I don’t know what I’m doing on my face – as long as I still look like myself then I’m good. For this beauty review, I’ll be reviewing BECCA Cosmetics care of Luxola — now officially the recently launched one-stop beauty shop that has finally reached the Philippine shores – Sephora.PH! (I’ll be referring to them now to this).

       First, let’s talk about the brand. Like I said, being a make-up noob I am not very familiar with so many make-up brands, including BECCA. I actually found out about them through their website (I believe only Sephora carries this brand here) and instantly fell in love with the vibe of their products – so classy yet natural! I ordered three BECCA products namely, Ultimate Full Lash Perfecting Mascara, Eye Priming Perfector and The Afterglow Palette. I’ll be discussing each one in detail below and my personal experience using these products.


  1. BECCA Afterglow Palette

Product description: A collection of five BECCA best sellers designed to add light, lift and a touch of colour. Highlight shades allow you to accentuate facial features for a natural glow, while Mineral Blush shades impart a soft sweep of color and subtly reflect light onto apples of cheeks. 

In love with the packaging!
A closer look on the different shades

To be honest, it was only when I found out that this was one of the BECCA best-selling products that I discovered the significant role of highlighters. I used to only stick to blush to add some color but wow — highlighters just give a different glow. As cliché as it sounds, you do have to try it to see the difference!

Being the indecisive person that I am, I chose this palette since it offers a mix of various pretty shades that I can use to recreate different looks. Since I can’t use them all at once, I’ll be showcasing these looks in my future OOTD posts. So watch out for that!


2. Eye Priming Perfector (Translucent) 

Product description: A perfecting eye cream designed to smooth and even the lids, creating an invisible canvas for long-wearing non-creasing eye shadow. 


I’ve never used an eye cream despite watching several make-up tutorials that apply this all the time. I just never saw the special need to have a foundation just for my eyelids! Lol. I only use whatever cream that I use for my whole face (not sure if that is alright though…) but after trying this product out I finally understood. The areas below my eyebrows are somewhat “veiny” and I conceal this with my face cream but most of the time it turns out to be too white (read: no eyelids) and heavy. Likewise, the eyeshadow doesn’t stick well (have to apply a lot before it becomes noticeable). With BECCA’s Eye Priming Perfector however my veins are concealed but the coverage is natural and light. It allows smooth application of eyeshadow and prevents the latter from falling out. If you’ve been doing the same, give in! 😛


3. Ultimate Full Lash Perfecting Mascara

Product description: Make your eyes stand out with Ultimate Full Lash Perfecting Mascara. The dark, bold colour perfectly defines lashes, while the high-performance formula lengthens & volumizes, making your eyes appear bigger and beautifully framed. 


I have tried sooo many mascara brands and I am almost always never satisfied and even disappointed. There are three things that I look for in a mascara (note: this may be different for most). One is that it should have a natural finish. I am not a fan of long spidery looking eyelashes. I know a lot of brands market themselves to achieve that but for me, it just looks plain scary, lol. Second, it must be light on the eyes and comfortable. I have relatively short eyelashes and for some reason, my eyelashes tend to become heavy at the end of the day if I put mascara. It makes me so sleepy (weird I know, am I the only one??)  Third and most importantly, it SHOULD NOT SMUDGE. My biggest mascara turn-off is at the end of a long day, my under-eye gets “hawa” from the mascara. After trying out BECCA‘s mascara, I can say that finally  found the one that fits my three needs! If you still haven’t found your perfect mascara, I suggest you give this one a try!


Definitely, putting BECCA on my list of favorite make-up brands. I must try their other items soon! Shop their products only at Sephora.PH!

P.S. I guess you could call this my first real make up review! Will be posting more soon and if you have any topic suggestions, do let me know through the comment box below! Looking forward to hearing from you. <3

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